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Day 1 - 0:00

Slowly you all wake up and look around. You see fifteen other people in the same room infront of you and a man next to a table with black backpacks ontop of it. A television behind him. You then notice somehothing cold press against your neck. An iron collar that emits a beep every now and then. The man smiles and proceeds to reveal what is happening.
"Welcome to the first ever Battle Royale ORG! Your parents and friends signed you up here because they can't stand you and want to see you dead! Oops I spoiled the suprise...
Anyways here is a video so you all understand everything!"
The man moved to the television and turned it on.

"Hello guys Im here to explain you everything you have to know related to how to play Battle Royale! Over the time of three days you will be fighting to death among each other until only one of you remain!
We are in an island near England and there is no way of escaping! The iron collars around you are charged with explosives and are meant to blow you up whenever you break the rules!
You may notice that there are some backpacks in that table! Inside them you have food, water and other things to help you survive for the three days! And inside them there is a randomly assigned weapon too! It may variate from a pen, to a sword, to a machine gun! Good luck guys!
Time in this game will be four times slower than in the real life meaning that a day outside the game only equals six hours here! Every 24 hours out of the game a post will be made showing you the challenge that you have to play to get your killing score and the deaths will be announced! Also every six hours a few sectors of the island will become a death sector meaning that if you step insdie it your colalr will blow up killing you! Just to make sure we don't have many people that hide!
Here is a map of the island! 

You are in this precise moment in sector I6 and you may move five boxes towards any direction! Remember to specify what sectors you walk through just incase one of them are a death sector and you get killed!
Here is everything you have to fill up and send me via facebook!
Game: (Play on Medium)
Where to go:
Who you want to ally/Evade killing:
Who you want to target and kill if possible:
You will all be informed of what is your weapon via private message on facebook.
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