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The Sixteen Contestants fight to death in an island near England. The Beaches are mainly made out of rocks and there are many houses. To the south-east of the island there is a lighthouse and to the north-west a church. Multiple forests are dotted around.


Student Number Student A Weapon Student B Weapon
1 Szymon Information about other contestants Ash Barbed Wire
2 LP Boomerang Emma Gardening Hoe
3 Lucas Shield Marco Axe
4 Stephane M16 Natalie Shotgun
5 Sam Tazzer Kacie Crowbar
6 Sharky 3 Grenades Perry Awl
7 DB Ninja Stars Ezekiel Pickle Jar
8 Nuno Butcher Knife Kaffe Sword

Death ChartEdit

Placing Name Method Killer Day Time
16th Ezekiel Skull crashed with crowbar Kacie 1 0:21
15th Sam Stabbed in chest Nuno 1 8:55
14th DB Collar blew up Himself 1 12:01
13th Kaffe Neck snapped with shield Lucas 2 10:17
12th Lucas Stabbed by stakes Emma/LP 3 13:36
11th Kacie Stabbed by stakes Emma/LP 3 13:37
10th Sharky Chest slices open Ash 3 13:53
9th Ash Shot in the stomach Stephane 3 13:53
8th Perry Stabed his gardening hoe in the back Emma 3 13:55
7th Emma Axe to chest Marco 3 13:56
6th LP Stabbed by stakes Stephane 3 13:59
5th Marco Blown up by grenade Szymon 3 14:02
4th Szymon Throat slit Stephane 3 14:04
3rd Stephane Spiked chair leg to head Natalie 3 14:05
2nd Nuno Spiked chair leg to chest Natalie 3 14:12
Winner Natalie

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